First blog post

Who are you?

I’m a mum of 2 who also works with children and has done for over 10 years. I wanted to start a blog after seeing so many ideas and having so many thoughts over the last 10 years from how things have changed to what more I can do. Me and my husband are also trying for a baby now so I thought it may be fun to write about and remember how Brains and Brawn adapt to this life change.

Why Brains and Brawn?

This is a running joke about my 2 children. The eldest, Brains (10 years), is incredibly smart and has been from a young age but at the same time is not physically gifted. She had trouble with her hips, breathing and still can be pretty clumsy. Brawn (6 years) is Brain’s polar opposite in every way. Not as quick mentally as her sister she is one powerful human being capable of breaking household furniture and throwing tantrums at maximum power. She also has Mild ADHD and autism but for the most part we deal with these pretty well so they aren’t a big issue.

What are you going to write about?

I’m not even sure myself yet. There’s so many things I’d like to write about! I want to share all the best creative things that I find on the web once I have tried and tested them. I want to write advice to parents of children coming into nurseries and let them ask me questions where I won’t just post my own views but hopefully point them in the right direction to places they can make good judgements. I would like to share my own experiences with children I have had in my time working as well as times in my home life. That is most of it I guess, whatever other topics get thrown my way.

What kinds of advice have you given before?

I have helped parents toilet train, get children to eat and try new things, build confidence, learn to accept children for who they are, how to chose a good nursery, how to help them sleep through the night, etc. One of my biggest advice that may put a lot of people off reading this blog is “It’s ok to say NO” as the last few years this had been one of my biggest issues is with parents who seem afraid and reluctant to say no to their children, but I can go onto that another time if anyone ever actually reads this lol. On the flipside to No, positive reinforcement!

Whats the best part of your job?

Honestly, too much to write down. Just today we had children dressing up in their Christmas outfits, elves and santas, while I tried to make them smile or laugh so we could get nice photos for their christmas cards home. Those lovely chuckles and pictures when they are caught offguard are magical and even more so when you see the parents/guardians faces light up when they see them! Above all, watching all the children I’ve cared for grow up happy, healthy and confident and knowing that I had a hand in that.

Anything else we should know?

I’m sure as I get some topics together and some fun things to do people will learn what I’m about and see if they want to follow me or not. I might just stick to stealing some topics off toddler and preschool facebook sites to start off with to give me a push but if anyone comments a topic (within reason, obviously) I will happily start there.

Thank you for reading so far, hopefully you will want to read some more.